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Hi, I'm Paul! I love you and it's an honour to support you on your journey. My hope is that these offerings help you deepen your connection with the Truth of who you are: Love.

40 Days of Stillness

Begin or deepen a DAILY meditation practice. All you have to do is stop, sit, and breathe.

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The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation

In your every waking moment you have a choice – to plug into Love or to plug into fear. What you choose will define your...

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Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon where it appears as though the planet Mercury is travelling backward in its orbit around the sun. Of course...

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Love Infusion Meditation

This meditation fills your being with Love! Allow this healing energy to fill your body, permeate your energy, dissolve fear-based thinking, nourish your loving thoughts,...

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Peaceful Mind Meditation

This meditation is designed to help ease an overactive mind. Use it during periods of acute stress or when you need a little peace in...

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5-Minute Morning Meditation

It only takes 5 minutes to plug into Love to ensure it will guide your thoughts for the day. This recording includes a blessing, gratitude,...

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