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Paul Galloro believes in miracles, and that we can become the miracle worker of our own lives! As a Divine Wellness Coach his approach to wellness is not traditional; it goes beyond the physical and embraces Spirit-ful philosophies that are grounded in Love. He believes we are all mirrors on the same disco ball, reflecting the Love that is abundantly present in our lives. When you spend time with Paul you have no choice but to Breathe, Sparkle, Love!

Thriving In Mercury Retrograde (March/April 2018)

Have you ever felt the effects of Mercury Retrograde? Not sure? Reflect on the last year, and think of what you experienced during these time...

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The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation

In your every waking moment you have a choice – to plug into Love or to plug into fear. What you choose will define your...

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Love Infusion Meditation

This meditation fills your being with Love! Allow this healing energy to fill your body, permeate your energy, dissolve fear-based thinking, nourish your loving thoughts,...

5-Minute Morning Meditation

It only takes 5 minutes to plug into Love to ensure it will guide your thoughts for the day. This recording includes a blessing, gratitude,...

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