40 Days of Stillness Meditation Program by Paul Galloro

40 Days of Stillness Meditation Program

Begins March 24, 2020!

Breathe with me!

Hi, I’m Paul, and meditation changed my life! No really, it did, and I shared my experience on my blog. When I find something that improves my life I want to share it with the world. And so I created the 40 Days of Stillness Meditation Program to help people like you experience more joy in your life through  a daily meditation practice. 
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The Time Is Now!

Have you ever said to yourself:
  • "I can't meditate!" 
  • "I don't have time to meditate!"
  • "Meditation puts me to sleep."
  • "I'm far too busy to meditate!"
  • "I really need to learn how to meditate, but I have no idea how to start."
  • "I meditate sometimes, but not every day."
  • "I wish I could just slow down for five minutes and catch my breath!"

You’re busy, and I get that. You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, we all have. Maybe you’ve tried it once or twice and felt like meditation just wasn’t for you. Maybe you can’t get past the thought, “I can’t meditate.” I know, love. I was there too. Meditation is simple, I promise—and all you need is five minutes a day.

The 40 Days of Stillness is a daily meditation program designed specifically to make meditation easy. Every day for 40 days, you will receive an email reminding you to complete the day’s meditation. Along with the daily practice, you will also receive guidance on the day’s focus, helpful hints to get the most out of your time, and a reflection question to help you deepen your experience. The program also comes with access to The Living Spirit-fully! Collective Facebook group that connects you to a community of heart-centred individuals who are on a similar journey as you. 
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Inhale ...

"Wait wait wait," you're probably thinking. "On top of the MILLION things I already have to do, now you want me to take five minutes to do yet ANOTHER task?!? Dream on, you angelically handsome human being!" 

I hear you, I really do! Not only have I worked with thousands of people who have said this very thing to me time and time again, I've also said those things myself (especially the handsome part!) 

Meditation is simple. All you have to do is stop, sit, and breathe (like seriously, that's only three things!)

Read Kelsi's experience with 40 Days of Stillness:

The 40 Days of Stillness had such an impact on my life. I have wanted to start a daily meditation practice for a while but could never get started, especially with my now 14 month old around who still doesn’t like to sleep much unless he’s attached to me. The five minute meditations were very manageable to fit into my day and I especially found it helpful writing myself a commitment including the back-up times I would do them.

The reason I wanted to start a meditation practice was to help me become a more centred parent—being responsive instead of reactive and modelling what I want for my son. Since I’ve been doing this, I have had more positive interactions with my boyfriend (instead of snapping at him for leaving dirty dishes out or clutter around the house). I have also absorbed the mindset that five minutes can go a long way and have been keeping my house more clean and orderly by working on little pieces at a time (which in turn has made me feel more at peace and less drained). I have been getting much less stressed about difficult situations and have instead been able to just take a deep breath and work on a solution. And two weeks after I started the daily meditations I noticed I stopped having the hip pain I had been having for over a year since my son was born. I went to pelvic floor physiotherapy sessions and did exercises at home which helped a little but never completely resolved it. I had a lot of tightness in my pelvic floor that was contributing to my hip pain and I think all the deep breathing helped release this tension. 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU ❤️.  Looking forward to the Art of Stillness course.
Meditation is easier than you think, and I’ll be right beside you for this entire 40 day program. Together, we'll discover various forms of meditation to help you calm your nervous system, train your mind to be more focused, and experience a state of bliss you've only dreamed of. All these things are possible, and this program will show you how.

It couldn’t be easier. For 40 days I will guide you through a series of daily five minute meditations that slowly ease you into a daily practice. I've taken into consideration all the questions and concerns people have when it comes to beginning or deepening a mindful practice, and I've mapped out a journey for you that will gradually take you from "I can't meditate!" to "I can't start my day without meditation!"
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More testimonials ...

I love the 40 Days of Stillness meditation program—it has become such an important part of my day. It was so easy to start and very simple to use. The information that comes with the daily meditations really enhance the experience and help me focus. The entire program is grounding and has helped me deepen my practice!
Since starting the 40 Days of Stillness, I’ve been more focused and feel less anxious during the day. There was a mindset change along the way with something I used to do to relax, but couldn't always do at work. Meditation has become my new medicine when I can’t medicate at work. Now I use meditation and breathing when I need a moment.
Completing Paul’s daily morning meditations has been wonderful. They really helped ground me and set an intention for the day/week ahead. Paul’s Love-based approach and the harmonious glowing energy he brings to everything that he does is contagious in only the best way possible. 
Meditation just became a whole lot easier after learning that there is a mediation style for everyone. Paul’s compassion and love for his students is priceless. The Art of Stillness has taught me that I AM IN CONTROL through peace and silence. Thank you Paul for guiding me through step by step! Love you dearly! 
In forty short days, I have been able to implement the tools and teachings by Paul, to make meditation part of my daily routine. And in doing so, have gained the ability to cope with situations and challenges with a positive approach. 
Thank you for this gift! Five minutes with [Paul] in meditation & I feel glorious! Focused, calm & centred. Life has gotten busy & I let go of the things that I need the most. 5 minutes!! There’s no excuse! Big hugs for getting me back on track!
[Paul’s morning meditations are] such a wonderful way to centre and ground and feel Oneness. If you’re new to meditation this is a perfect way to help you get started. 
The meditations set the tone for the rest of my day, keeping me in a state of equanimity and peace no matter what comes up in my life.
My favourite way to start the day! ... It is seriously more of what we all need and what this world needs. 
I am always amazed by how much clarity I gain with just five minutes of meditation daily. It's pure magic! I love [Paul's] approach to meditation. It's simple, effective and [his] voice is grounding. Love ❤️
The 40 Days of Stillness is an experience of meditation with helpful information sprinkled through the program. This experience is two programs combined to set you up for success.

Once you register, you will have immediate access to Meditation Foundation Program, a simple-to-follow 5 day program that will kick-start your daily meditation practice. 

The 40 Days of Stillness is set to begin on a specified date (scroll back to the top to see when the next start date). This is the crux of the program where you will experience a variety of meditations to find the style that works for you. 

View the contents of each program by clicking the buttons below.

Meditation Foundation Program

Ready to start a meditation or mindfulness practice? This 5-day program will set you up for success!
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40 Days of Stillness

Begin or deepen a DAILY meditation practice
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How The Program Works

When you register for this program you will have immediate access to the Meditation Foundation Program, a 5-day program designed to get you started on your 40 day journey. Here you will identify your personal reasons for beginning a meditation program, discover your ideal time to meditate, and create a meditation space that is grounding and peaceful.

Then, each day for 40 days, beginning March 24, 2020, you will receive an email with access to the day's meditation. All you have to do is press play on the meditation and follow along. Once the recording is finished, you can carry on with your day.

What happens after 40 days? You have lifetime access to this program and can restart the program anytime you'd like!


Is it possible for me to do this? Like seriously, I can't sit still for 30 seconds, let alone five minutes!

Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it! You'll see soon enough you'll be prioritizing your moments of stillness into your day.

And if you're really unsure, try this five minute meditation on for size and see if you like it.

How much time do I have to invest in this program each day?

Each of the 40 Days of Stillness recordings are exactly five minutes in length. I recommend setting aside about 10 minutes each day to do the following:
  • enter into your experience calmly (30-60 secs)
  • read/reflect on the daily insights included with the meditation (10-60 seconds)
  • listen to the recording (five mins)
  • leave the experience calmly (30-60 secs)

Any other reflection or stillness time you invest is completely up to you and all a bonus!

Are the meditations at a particular time of day or can we sign in when we're able?

40 Days of Stillness is designed to fit into your life. You will receive an email each day relative to the time you signed up for the course. I *strongly* encourage meditating as close to waking up as possible (if the email arrives in the evening, save it for the next day), but if that doesn't fit into your life, then find a time that does. If meditation were a person, the last thing it would want to be is another reason for you to be stressed.

What if I miss a day?

Missing a day will SEVERELY impact your chances of reaching enlightenment! Haha okay, okay— I'm just kidding!

If you miss a day, don't worry! Just pick up where you left off the next day. The emails are automatic and will continue to roll out until the 40 days are complete. 

Here's what to do if you miss a day here or there:

  • acknowledge that you missed a day
  • celebrate all the consecutive days you meditated
  • review your commitment to why you began the program
  • do your best next time

What happens after the 40 days?

Well I don't want to give away the surprise, but there's a BONUS day 41 that you can use to continue your moments of stillness beyond the 40 days. Alternatively, you do have access to the program for the rest of your life, so you could always start at the beginning or check out another one of my meditation programs.

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and teaches the art of Living Spirit-fully!