Love Infusion Meditation by Paul Galloro

Love Infusion Meditation

Infuse your entire being with Love!


This meditation fills your being with Love! Allow this healing energy to fill your body, permeate your energy, dissolve fear-based thinking, nourish your loving thoughts, and imbue you with Its wisdom. #stop, #sit, #breathe, and visualize your body infused with the Creative Force of the Universe - Love! 

Category: Visual Meditation

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Love Infusion Meditation
16 mins

Breathe | Sparkle | Love

Paul Galloro believes in miracles, and that we can become the miracle worker of our own lives! As a Divine Wellness Coach his approach to wellness is not traditional; it goes beyond the physical and embraces Spirit-ful philosophies that are grounded in Love. He believes we are all mirrors on the same disco ball, reflecting the Love that is abundantly present in our lives. When you spend time with Paul you have no choice but to Breathe, Sparkle, Love!