Meditation Foundation Program by Paul Galloro

Meditation Foundation Program

Build a strong foundation for your daily meditation practice in just 5 days!

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Hi, I’m Paul, and meditation changed my life! No really, it did, and I shared my experience on my blog. When I find something that improves my life I want to share it with the world. And so I set out to create meditation programs designed to make it easy for busy people like you!
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Have you ever said to yourself:
  • "I can't meditate!" 
  • "I don't have time to meditate!"
  • "Meditation puts me to sleep."
  • "I'm far too busy to meditate!"
  • "I really need to learn how to meditate, but I have no idea how to start."
  • "I meditate sometimes, but not every day."
  • "I wish I could just slow down for five minutes and catch my breath!"

You’re busy, and I get that. You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation, we all have. Maybe you’ve tried it once or twice and felt like meditation just wasn’t for you. Maybe you can’t get past the thought, “I can’t meditate.” I know, love. I was there too. Meditation is simple, I promise—and all you need is five minutes a day.
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"Wait wait wait," you're probably thinking. "On top of the MILLION things I already have to do, now you want me to take five minutes to do yet ANOTHER task?!? Dream on, you angelically handsome human being!" 

I hear you, I really do! Not only have I worked with thousands of people who have said this very thing to me time and time again, I've also said those things myself (especially the handsome part!) 

Meditation is simple. All you have to do is stop, sit, and breathe (like seriously, that's only three things!)

Meditation sounds scary, or at least complicated, but it's not. And just like with all things in life, in order to to be successful with your practice you need a strong foundation. That's where this program comes in!

The Meditation Foundation Program is a simple-to-follow 5 day program that will kick-start your daily meditation practice. 

In this 5 days you will:
  • get clear about *why* you want to meditate. Having a clear intention will serve you tremendously as you go about your practice
  • identify the best times for you to meditate. Making sure if fits into your life is key!
  • create a meditation space. Having a sacred space for this activity will help you to be more consistent

Each day of the program you will receive an audio recording to follow along, and a task to set you up for success. It's super simple and will only take you anywhere from 7 to 15 minutes a day to complete. It's a self-paced program and you have access to it forevermore so you can decide when you complete the tasks and how long it takes you.
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What's included?

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Welcome to Meditation Foundation Program!
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Day 1 :: Your "Why"
Today's Practice
10 mins
Day 2 :: Your Time For Stillness
Today's Practice
10 mins
Day 3 :: Choosing Your Meditation Space
Today's Practice
10 mins
Day 4 :: Setting Up Your Meditation Space
Today's Practice
10 mins
Day 5 :: Your Meditation Practice
Your Practice
10 mins
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