Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program by Paul Galloro

Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program

Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon where it appears as though the planet Mercury is travelling backward in its orbit around the sun. Of course it doesn't actually travel backward, but the optical illusion of this planetary movement sends an energetic gust of wind through the cosmos and makes people more susceptible to chaos and miscommunication.

Mercury represents communication, intellect, and awareness, all of which are greatly affected during this (generally) three week period. Scheduling, electronics, formal contracts and agreements, transportation, travel, our thought processes, and our nervous system are a few of the areas that seem to "malfunction" during this time.

Let me reassure you: this is not a time to panic! It's a time for stillness, reflection, and doing less! It's a time to take responsibility of the energy you put out into the universe, and reevaluate how things are shaping up in your life. If you're prepared, you can avoid many disappointments and turn seemingly disastrous situations into learning experiences!

Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program will keep you grounded during this cosmic tornado of miscommunication and confusion. 
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In this program will help you:

  • be still and grounded during the astrological tornado that is Mercury Retrograde
  • calm your mind and nervous system so you can handle any retrograde challenges
  • prepare yourself to "go with the flow" or avoid any technological mishaps
  • take responsibility of your energetic output, including your thoughts
  • gently ease into and out of Mercury Retrograde
  • stay grounded, even when Mercury is not retrograde

This program includes:

  • Twenty-five (25) five-minute daily meditations  ($313 value)

BONUSES ($416 value):

  • An Intro to Mercury Retrograde video 
  • 15 pre-retrograde guided meditations
  • 15 post retrograde guided meditations
  • A Mercury Retrograde Thrive Guide containing best practices and helpful tools to keep you grounded, clear minded, and sane during retrograde.

Total value: $729

Total investment: $108

What's included?

Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program (Pre-retrograde)

Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program will keep you grounded during this cosmic tornado of miscommunication and confusion.

Mercury Retrograde Meditation Program (Retro and Post-retro)

Mercury Retrograde is not something to fear. When we're prepared, mindful, grounded, and aware of what's going on around us, we can THRIVE during Mercury Retrograde and stay on course. All it takes is a little preparation and a strong conviction to be your best. 

Remember, to thrive in Mercury retrograde, all you have to do is stop, sit, and breathe!

Note: Each retrograde period has a unique energy to it that is informed by the sign in which Mercury is positioned. Once you purchase this program, you will have access to these specific meditations indefinitely.

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