Peaceful Mind Meditation by Paul Galloro

Peaceful Mind Meditation

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This meditation is designed to help ease an overactive mind. Use it during periods of acute stress or when you need a little peace in your day. Using controlled breathing, a centering thought, and a hand gesture (also known as mudra), this short 5 minute meditation is all you need to clear your mind when there's too many thoughts racing through it.

This meditation is an example of the types of meditations you will experience in The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation. For more information on the course and the accompanying 40 Days Of Stillness, click here.  

What's included?

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5 mins

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Paul Galloro believes in miracles, and that we can become the miracle worker of our own lives! As a Spiritual Coach his approach goes beyond the physical and embraces Spirit-ful philosophies that are grounded in Love. When you spend time with Paul you have no choice but to Breathe, Sparkle, Love!