The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation by Paul Galloro

The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation

#stop, #sit, #breathe


In your every waking moment you have a choice – to plug into Love or to plug into fear. What you choose will define your experience in each moment, and ultimately the trajectory of your life.

When we fail to consciously choose to plug into Love, we can easily default to the dominating thought system of the planet - and that is fear. When we live from a place of fear, it wreaks havoc in several areas of our life, and manifests itself into physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Plugging into Love is plugging into the natural intelligence of our bodies, and therefore the universe. This energy promotes life – it’s the same energy that turns an egg into a chick, and a caterpillar into a butterfly. When we plug into this life energy, we become aligned with a force that opens us up to peace and a knowingness of our Truth.

“Truth is within you, do not search for it elsewhere.” – Osho 

We connect to this truth through a daily meditation practice. A simple practice that makes us #stop, #sit, and #breathe in present moment and without judgement. When we’re in the present moment, we’re in a state of calm where our nervous system isn’t perceiving danger and is not looking to ‘fight, flight or freeze’. When we connect to this Truth daily we reset our body’s natural rhythms and healing can occur.

Are you someone who:

  • has a monkey mind and feel you can’t meditate?
  • has a hard time fitting meditation into your day?
  • thinks meditation is too boring?
  • really wants to learn how to meditate, but doesn’t know where to start?
  • meditates on occasion, but not consistently?
  • is searching for happiness, but doesn’t know where to find it?

In this course you will:

  • learn strategies to focus your mind and make it less “busy”
  • gently ease into a consistent, daily meditation practice
  • explore various meditation practices to help you find ones that work for you
  • be still in the present moment where Loving thought prevails
  • experience a 40-day guided meditation practice
  • connect and meditate with a group of heart-centred people on the same journey (a powerful experience as energies are amplified when gathered in community)

This course includes:

  • pre-recorded video lessons ($675 value)
  • two additional "Integration Week" video lessons answering your specific questions about meditation and includes a group meditation ($400 value)
  • Over 15 audio or video guided meditations in various styles, plus detailed instructions on how to practice them on your own ($550 value)
  • 40 consecutive daily recorded video meditations ($1,850 value)
  • bonus “Getting Started” video series sent to you upon registration ($175 value)
  • access to an exclusive Facebook group with regular discussion and a chance to connect with others in the program ($108/year value)

PLUS, you have lifetime access to all the lessons and meditations, and I'm also including a few surprise bonuses that will enhance your meditation practice.

Total value: $3,758


"Even when in the midst of disturbance, the stillness of the mind can offer sanctuary." - Stephen Richards

This course was born out of common challenges shared among my clients, students, and even fellow therapists - in fact, anyone who I’ve worked with in my career as a Divine Wellness and Spiritual Coach, Yoga Therapist, and Professional Yoga Educator. The challenge wasn’t so much meditating as it was being consistent and finding a form that fit into their schedule, their lifestyle, and matched their personality.

With regular meditation, their lives seemed to miraculously shift - they began to experience less emotional fluctuations of sadness and anxiety, had more loving, compassionate relationships. Many have reported feeling happier, more calm, and were able to handle stressful situations with grace and ease. 

"Completing Paul’s daily morning meditations has been wonderful. They really helped ground me and set an intention for the day/week ahead. Paul’s Love-based approach and the harmonious glowing energy he brings to everything that he does is contagious in only the best way possible." - Andrea F., London, ON

"In forty short days, I have been able to implement the tools and teachings by Paul, to make meditation part of my daily routine. And in doing so, have gained the ability to cope with situations and challenges with a positive approach." - A.B., Richmond Hill, ON

"Meditation just became a whole lot easier after learning that there is a mediation style for everyone. Paul’s compassion and love for his students is priceless. The Art of Stillness has taught me that I AM IN CONTROL through peace and silence. Thank you Paul for guiding me through step by step! Love you dearly!" - Fatima J., Thornhill, ON

"[Paul’s morning meditations are] such a wonderful way to centre and ground and feel Oneness. If you’re new to meditation this is a perfect way to help you get started." Sabrina R., Peterborough, ON

"My favourite way to start the day! ... It is seriously more of what we all need and what this world needs." Kristy B., Bowmanville, ON

"The meditations set the tone for the rest of my day, keeping me in a state of equanimity and peace no matter what comes up in my life." - Kathleen Y., Montreal, QC

This is just some of the feedback that confirmed not only the experience I personally had with meditation, but the countless research that proves the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of a regular practice – and the research shows the benefits are achieved with daily practice.

In just six weeks thought The Art of Stillness I’ll share with you the secrets of making meditation a regular part of your day and personally lead you through a 40 day experience that will make meditating easy!

 Remember, to plug into Love, all you have to do is #stop #sit #breathe.

*NOTE* Traditionally, the 40 Days Of Stillness are completed LIVE on Facebook and later uploaded to the course content area. For the period beginning May 15, 2018, all daily meditations will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Facebook and the course content area by 5am EDT. The 40 Days Of Stillness will be recorded in Italy, Thailand, and Australia!

What's included?

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Welcome to The Art Of Stillness :: A Course In Meditation!
4 mins
Course Schedule
The Art Of Stillness Facebook Group
Getting Started
Setting Up Your Meditation Space
9 mins
Your Meditation Kit
8 mins
Essential Oils for Meditation

Breathe | Shine | Love

Paul Galloro is an advocate for Love 
and teaches the art of Living Spirit-fully!


Do I have to complete the course by a certain time?

Not at all! The course is designed in such a way that you can either follow the schedule with everyone, or go at your own pace. You can watch the lessons and complete all the meditations on your own time, and you can even start the 40 Days of Stillness when it works best for you. 

Once the weekly lessons and meditations are released, you will have access to them forevermore! You can complete the 40 Days of Stillness as often as you like and you will always have access to the Facebook group so the support will always be there for you.

Do I need to have access to Facebook for this course?

No you don't. There is a Facebook group that is only open to Lovers registered for The Art Of Stillness where questions will be answered and our daily meditations will be posted. Daily meditations will also be uploaded into the course content area so you won't miss anything. 

Do I need anything special for this course?

The only thing you *really* need is a willingness to plug into Love! Some other things that might help: a journal and perhaps a cushion or blanket to help you be comfortable while meditating. 

I can't meditate - how will this course help me?

Let me open by saying "Yes, you CAN meditate" How do I know this? Because there are many people on this planet who can meditate, and if it's possible for some, it's possible for all. 

You might want to begin by examining what you think meditation is and why you think you can't do it. Then consider there just might be another way. I know you'll find something in this course that will make you successful in calming your nervous system, slowing down your racing mind, and connecting to a more Loving thought system - it just takes consistency. 

Come in with an open mind, a willingness to do your best, and a little bit of trust - I'll take care of the rest!