40 Days of Stillness (Audio Recordings)

The crux of The Art Of Stillness is the 40 days of stillness we practice together. This 40 days is designed to gently ease you into a daily meditation practice.

It's important these 40 days are not rushed and that we follow the outline as it's laid out. If we skip any steps or try to rush through them, we leave the back door unlocked and fear-based thinking can creep in and do what it does, so stick with the plan and you'll be successful!

Why 40 days? According to Yogi Bhajan, the man responsible for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the West, says in 40 days you will break an old habit, in 90 days you will establish a new one, in 120 days you will permanently integrate the habit into your life, and in 1000 days you will experience mastery!

Our 40 days will be broken down into 10-day sections. In the Facebook Live group we will begin our practice with 2 mins of silence and every 10 days we will add on an additional minute. Why 10 days? According to Cal Newport, when introducing something new our brain needs at least 10 consecutive days to get it in order to create a solid foundation before adding on. 

Our schedule will be as follows:
Days 1-10 :: 2 mins of silence
Days 11-20 :: 3 mins of silence
Days 21-30 :: 4 mins of silence
Days 31-40 :: 5 mins of silence
Days 40+ :: 6 mins of silence, etc ... 

In this section you will find pre-recorded daily meditations and the time is already set for you. If you're unable to join us on Facebook Live, use these recordings to follow along. On our first day of stillness you will have access to our 2 minute meditation, and every 10 days after that you will have access to the next meditation.

Remember if you have any questions, pop them into the Facebook group, or email me stillness@paulgalloro.com!