40 Days Of Stillness by Paul Galloro
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40 Days Of Stillness

Stop, sit, and breathe!

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Breathe with me!

Hi, I’m Paul, and I created the 40 Days of Stillness Meditation Program to help people like you begin and maintain a daily meditation practice. 
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Have you ever said to yourself:
  • "I can't meditate!" 
  • "I don't have time to meditate!"
  • "Meditation puts me to sleep."
  • "I'm far too busy to meditate!"
  • "I really need to learn how to meditate, but I have no idea how to start."
  • "I meditate sometimes, but not every day."
  • "I wish I could just slow down for 5 minutes and catch my breath!"

More and more studies are showing a daily meditation practice has benefits on physical, mental, and emotional health. There are myriad ways to meditate and some techniques require great mental focus, so where does one begin?

The 40 Days of Stillness program was created for people like you who are looking for a simple and easy way to begin or deepen a DAILY meditation practice. Daily is key here, but you're busy, and I understand that. Meditation is simple, I promise - all you need is five minutes a day.

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Inhale ...

"Wait wait wait," you're probably thinking. "On top of the MILLION things I already have to do, now you want me to take five minutes to do yet ANOTHER task?!? Dream on, you angelically handsome human being!"

I hear you, I really do! Not only have I worked with thousands of people who have said this very thing to me time and time again, I've also said those things myself (especially the handsome part!) 
Meditation is easier than you think and in this 40 day program, I will walk you through it. Together, we'll go on a journey of various forms of meditation to help you calm your nervous system, train your mind to be more focused, and experience a state of bliss you've only dreamed of. It is possible, and this program will show you how ...

The 40 Days of Stillness meditation program offers you an easy-to-follow-and-do experience of meditation. For 40 days I will guide you through a series of 5 minute meditations that slowly ease you into a daily practice. I've taken into consideration all the questions and concerns people have when it comes to beginning or deepening a mindful practice, and I've mapped out a journey for you that will gradually take you from "I can't meditate!" to "I can't start my day without meditation!"

Meditation is simple. All you have to do is stop, sit, and breathe (like seriously, that's only 3 things!)

 (The 40 Days of Stillness is an experience of meditation with helpful information peppered through the program. For a more in depth study of meditation, with a greater variety and longer forms of meditation, check out my course The Art Of Stillness
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Completing Paul’s daily morning meditations has been wonderful. They really helped ground me and set an intention for the day/week ahead. Paul’s Love-based approach and the harmonious glowing energy he brings to everything that he does is contagious in only the best way possible. 
Andrea F.
In forty short days, I have been able to implement the tools and teachings by Paul, to make meditation part of my daily routine. And in doing so, have gained the ability to cope with situations and challenges with a positive approach. 
Angela B.
Meditation just became a whole lot easier after learning that there is a mediation style for everyone. Paul’s compassion and love for his students is priceless.  The Art of Stillness has taught me that I AM IN CONTROL through peace and silence. Thank you Paul for guiding me through step by step! Love you dearly! 
Fatima J.
[Paul’s morning meditations are] such a wonderful way to centre and ground and feel Oneness. If you’re new to meditation this is a perfect way to help you get started. 
Sabrina R.
My favourite way to start the day! ... It is seriously more of what we all need and what this world needs. 
Kristy B.
The meditations set the tone for the rest of my day, keeping me in a state of equanimity and peace no matter what comes up in my life.
Kathleen Y.

Breathe | Sparkle | Love

Paul Galloro believes in miracles, and that we can become the miracle worker of our own lives! As a Spiritual Coach his approach goes beyond the physical and embraces Spirit-ful philosophies that are grounded in Love. When you spend time with Paul you have no choice but to Breathe, Sparkle, Love!